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My name is Giulia and I am a Clinical Psychologist Specialized in Transactional Analytical Psychotherapy, I follow an integrated approach and I use the EMDR methodology for trauma interventions. I am a licensed psychologists no. registration 19783 in Lazio, Italy. How to know if I am the right psychotherapist for you? In a few lines I will tell you how I work and how the approach in which I have chosen to specialize puts you at the center of the work and how by defining a macro objective and sub-objectives you can monitor the progress of the therapy yourself. The strength of my way of working is precisely this: clear and short-term goals so that you can touch the results of your commitment. In my work I strongly believe that therapy is based on a solid alliance between therapist and client, for this reason it is essential for me to create the basis for a non-judgmental relationship based on trust. For me it is very important to help clients become aware of what is happening to them in the here and now and help them decide which direction to proceed in view of a change. In my work I use Transactional Analysis (TA) with the integration of different models: cognitive ā€“ behavioral, gestalt, interpersonal and psychodynamic. The principles underlying this approach are respect for the person and trust in their ability to change (Iā€™m OK you are OK). My approach thus allows me to identify the technique and model that best suit the person and the situation they want to deal with in therapy. The therapy we will do is centered on the needs and problems that you decide to face and we will work together on the co-creation of a real contract of change. Over the years I have gained experience working in various Roman hospitals and with different types of problems, from psychiatric disorders to rehabilitation. I currently follow Italian and English-speaking patients by offering diagnostic evaluations and psychotherapy.

Something about me

My Studies

I graduated in Rome in 2009, in the Faculty of Educational Psychology, with a thesis on school phobia in early childhood according to the Attachment theory. Two years later, in 2011, I graduated in Clinical Psychology with a research thesis on Attachment and Parentification of adolescents. In 2012 I studied in depth the theme of Attachment through a training course with one of the leading exponents of the subject, Professor Grazia Attili. Next I completed a 4 years training to become a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA)at IFREP psychotherapy school. In 2016 I was lucky enough to undertake the training course to become a first level EMDR therapist with Professor Roger Solomon, a consultant to the United States Senate and NASA. In 2018 I got a Master in Strategic Management of Human Resources and Business Organization. Today, I continue to update myself professionally through conferences and workshops in Italy and abroad.

In my Free Time

My love for travelling dates back to my teenage years. When I am not at work, I visit as much of the world as I can and think that so far I have done pretty well. Travelling to me means experiencing and embracing new cultures. I have spent several summers volunteering abroad in Africa, Asia and in the Middle-East. This enabled me to open my mind and gain new awareness.

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Email address: giulia.decarolis87@gmail.com
Phone Number: 3298212484

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Office Address: via di Santa Maria della speranza 11
Office Hours: Monday ā€“ Friday 10:00 ā€“ 19:00
Accepted Payment: Credit cards, debit cards or bank transfer